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There is a bigger issue at hand- mental health issues- that the government is failing to solve with gun control. However, I believe that the government isn’t protecting us enough. It’s amazing to me that citizens aren’t more concerned with the recent shootings that have occurred and that they aren’t trying to do something to prevent from happening again.

Jurisdiction: Firearm And Gun Control

At the same time, some people abuse their rights to firearms, an issue the regulating bodies should look into. The second amendment protects everyone who has a firearm, but a stronger gun control law is required to protect women from domestic abusers and stalkers, it will also reduce the suicide rate. Even though some people believe that a stricter gun control law is a stab to the second amendment, the law should be implemented. Over time there have been several arguments against gun control because people think they should not be punished due to the choices other people are making with guns. People have taken advantage of certain laws that have been passed on gun control.

pro gun control essay

It might be barely possible to find individual who would not be ready to debate on gun control topic in the United States. No matter what your take on this issue may be, it is one of three most discussed topics in country after national security and turbulent economics. Now, regulations in terms of weapons are different in every country, pro gun control essay in google which makes it important to research this topic and take only the best and most suitable practices for American citizens. Due to all debates and even false understanding of the Amendments and laws, I did research on gun control laws different points of view before coming to conclusion and making argument of my own point.

This guide deals with everything from topic choice, structuring, concluding and editing the argumentative, persuasive, descriptive, or informative essay on gun control. About half of the country’s population is against gun control, to pro gun control essay in youtube some people gun control is an issue while to others it is not an issue. While adding more laws to the gun control policy will reduce the crime rate, people should be able to protect themselves from local criminals or vicious attacks.

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pro gun control essay

Gun Control Persuasive Essay

Since these criminals have already proven themselves to be those who break the law, more laws would likely not prevent crime. Additionally, guns are not the actual problem that needs to be addressed. In 2012 a patient escaped from a mental hospital in New Mexico. Later, in 2017, he shot and killed 26 people in the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs in Texas (Emily Shapiro “Texas Shooting Suspect”). In this case, and numerous others, the human is not mentally stable, making them the threat, not the gun.

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There are several stances on gun control by prominent people, this paper will teach you how to write a paper against gun control. Whether you are writing an argumentative, expository, research, or any other type of gun control paper, the first thing to do is to define what gun control is. Use the definitions that are most appropriate for your essay. For example, you might start with a dictionary definition and then add some general facts about types of firearms. Next, you might give statistics on gun control such as ownership and reason for ownership.

pro gun control essay

Illinois had strict gun control laws for six years yet the state still had plenty of violence and crime. This directly shows that pro gun control essay in google gun control does not resolve any violence or crime issues. A criminal, by definition, is a person who has committed a crime.

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I hope what you’ve learned throughout this project is that commonsense gun control laws are just that. These laws wouldn’t mean that the government is taking away our weapons or our right to own a gun, but protecting us through not allowing firearms to fall into the hands of killers. It is based on the understanding of these realms that we have compiled a gun control essay guide, first of its kind, given its comprehensiveness.

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Desert News announced that the Brady Campaign issued a 100-point scorecard ranking all the states in The U.S. on gun control enacted by 2011 including; background checks, permit-to-purchase laws, etc. Number nine on the list of states with the strictest pro gun control essay gun laws is Illinois (Hartvigsen “10 States Strictest Gun Laws”). However, Neighborhood Scout listed the thirty cities with the highest homicide rates of 2017 and named East ST. Louis, IL as number one (“Top 30 Cities Highest Murder Rates”).

Gun Control And Violence In United States Of America

Firstly, one should explain one’s point and use arguments. Secondly, while writing research, it’s vital to analyze opposite opinions.

Living in world of constant conflicts, political turbulence, and uncertainty, arms limitation issue remains most debatable as well as controversial topic. Knowing how to write a gun control essay becomes difficult in both cases – either pro or against it.

It is the government’s job to ensure that American’s rights don’t get taken away, yet they are the ones taking away our natural born freedoms. It is time America bands together to stand up for our rights and explore new solutions such as better mental hospital security or mental health awareness, instead of stricter gun laws. An increase in gun control would not solve the issue of violence.

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