The Best Ticket Resale Sites

The Best Ticket Resale Sites

best ticket resale sites

Numerous ticket resales websites are available yet how do you choose the best one? The most well-known websites have been reviewed, such as StubHub along with Razorgator. Which one is your favorite? Keep reading for more information! This article will go over the best ticket resales websites for every type of event with their pros and cons. You can also use these sites to search for tickets that cannot be found any other place.


The StubHub system is a platform that lets ticket vendors advertise seats at major occasions on their site. Customers can select from general admission or select seats. Additionally, it gives buyers an opportunity to indicate the venue and other attributes of the tickets. The seller is also able to provide a unique code that will enable the purchaser access to a private message board. The code allows both the seller and buyer to speak between themselves without having to talk directly.

StubHub enjoys the greatest reputation of all the ticket resale websites. Its interface is user-friendly and secure, and its sellers are able to set the best price without having to interact with potential buyers. It is also possible to order delivery. The cost of delivery differ based upon where your ticket comes from. The StubHub parent company, eBay is an internet auction site, which also provides general e-commerce. Even though StubHub and eBay are not the identical, they both specialize in ticket resale.

While StubHub may be the biggest ticket-resales website However, it’s not necessarily the best choice when it comes to local events. The buyer-seller system of StubHub makes it hard for events of smaller size to get large numbers of tickets. Additionally, it is difficult to communicate with the customer and seller, making the website not suitable for big-scale sales. StubHub can be a wonderful platform for small events but it’s not the sole ticket resale site. Look into other options when you have to sell tickets to an extensive audience.

StubHub is known for its expensive prices However, that doesn’t mean it’s the best option. There are nine alternatives to StubHub. These websites offer better services to customers, cheaper tickets, and ways to confirm the purchase of tickets. They do charge a bit more expensive on StubHub, but that’s normal for sites that sell tickets.

StubHub is another option if you’re looking to market tickets online. You’ll be able to browse more than 10 million events worldwide on StubHub. StubHub permits you to sell tickets with the help of a single account and choosing a fixed or declining price. The website also allows you to list your tickets for free. Remember — these websites are guaranteed authentic!


There are many online resale sites, however TicketNetwork is by far the most effective. The top customer support team is available to answer any questions you may need to ask. If you’re unhappy with the purchase of your tickets, they offer an unconditional refund policy of 200 percent. It is also highly secured and PCI compliant. If you have questions go to the Terms & Policies section on the TicketNetwork web site.

TicketNetwork, a similar marketplace that is similar to eBay that sells event tickets and tickets, is called TicketNetwork. Tickets buyers are able to purchase tickets from event organizers and promoters who list tickets on the website. The purchasers of tickets have to pay for delivery, service as well as transaction costs in exchange on their ticket purchases. Buyers could also be charged an delivery cost based on the location they are in and the duration of the. TicketNetwork lets ticket vendors sell tickets via its Point of Sale software.

Tickets can be sold through TicketNetwork or through an application. The application works with desktops and mobile phones. Its intuitive interface is easy to use. The app also allows the sale and purchase of tickets in one go. Note that you must sell your tickets only in the United States only. Go to the FAQ page for further best ticket sites details.

TicketNetwork is among the top websites to purchase tickets online. The cost is less than 20% of the cost of the ticket. This is a modest service charge, and you are able to claim a refund within three days of purchasing. You can however only purchase normal tickets, not VIP tickets. TicketNetwork shouldn’t be used for VIP tickets. In addition to selling tickets for regular events, TicketNetwork offers several live events.

VividSeats, another famous ticket resale site is VividSeats. They offer their customers perks like eighth tickets for free as well as a five percent discount for their next purchase. If you are aware of what you’re looking for it is worth a look. Keep in mind, however that the prices paid by VividSeats can be more expensive than usual. It’s well worth it for all the benefits it can provide.


It is the Razorgator ticket resale website sells tickets for various events including sporting events, concerts, and holiday packages. It has a simple UI, and sellers pay a 10% fee. The site has some limitations. the website, but. It’s not very well-known is not well-known, it has a negative image as well as not offering private listings. It doesn’t have a guarantee of refund or return.

Razorgator, an online ticket retailer established in 2001, is a ticket seller online. It offers tickets to various sports occasions and shows. It offers tickets for a range of concerts or theater events, as well as holidays packages. Razorgator also has an app available that allows you to buy tickets using mobile applications. Before purchasing tickets, ticket buyers can review the website.

Resellers need to satisfy buyer and seller’s needs. It’s not an easy job. There are many ticket resale sites available, and you must decide which one best suits your needs. If you’re searching for an encrypted marketplace with minimal costs and low prices for tickets Razorgator is the best option. Although it is not available all over the world, the service provided by Razorgator is exceptional.

Razorgator is a top provider of customer support and has its own customer support department. They promise to deliver your tickets prior to the date of the event and will be as good or even better than those that you purchased. If you’re dissatisfied with the quality of the tickets you received, you are able to send them back for a full refund. Further benefits include a 100 percent refund promise. Razorgator has experienced agents available for any queries.

Live Nation

Live Nation is a live music company that has been identified as a proponent of illegal tickets sales. Secret recordings of an executive meeting reveal plans to avoid conventional ticket sales, and instead direct tickets to websites that sell resales. Live Nation’s plan would allow third parties to purchase tickets at a premium and resell them at a profit. Live Nation also has a track record of shielding artists against lawsuits involving scalpers.

Live Nation has tried to prevent the resale of tickets from growing, but it is still booming. Metallica’s concerts tickets were turned over to scalpers, who charge exorbitant prices on their products. The money earned from tickets websites that resell tickets would go to the performers. Metallica’s concert promoter could take 40% of the proceeds as well DiCioccio or Millette eight percent and 12 per cent, respectively.

There are a variety of factors that influence the price of tickets that are sold on websites that sell tickets. There are sites that charge as little as 2% while others charge even charge as much as 10 percent. Live Nation says that scalping has decreased in popularity due to the fact that new ticket sales could increase the value for performers. Furthermore the resale market is extremely profitable. Scalping will never disappear, but innovative methods for selling tickets are expected to facilitate artists.

In addition to ticket resale websites, you may also find tickets through a broker. Think about using a broker when you don’t have the possibility of contacting brokers for ticket sales. Brokers of tickets can be beneficial, but remember that they won’t be able to give you the most reasonable cost. The best option is to hold off until your tickets are selling before you post the tickets. Certain platforms punish sellers who post tickets across multiple platforms.

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